Foreign students and workers

Access to Canadian expertise, knowledge and skills!

Canada is the second among the best countries in the world both as regards the economic outlook and prospects for success.

The Quadrilium Institute of Montreal offers access to Canadian interpersonnal skills through training provided by highly qualified teachers and work experience in enterprises.  You will have the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge, sharpen your skills and enhance your employability.

  • The foreign worker wishing to upgrade their knowledge in Canada 

You will become part of a team of people interested in the same subject as you and from the four corners the world. In addition to professional links you’ll build together, trainers/practitioners will transmit their trade’s secrets in the corporate environment.

  • The foreign graduating student ready to enter the labor market.

Already landed in Canada and you have completed your studies? While waiting to find the job that reflects your expectations, The Quadrilium Institute of Montreal offers the possibility of:

  1. Complete your training by extra workshops;
  2. Perform additional internships with business partners.

Entrepreneurial Stay and Internship

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