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What is it about ?

Learning English can be as easy as saying « Hello ». But this program focuses on what matters. It walks you througt a hands-on approach that brings the English language and culture to life using real topics that are important to you. Meeting people coming from different backgroungs eager to learn and live an extraordinary experience is part of this new path of your life. 

What to expect it ?

Progress from elementary to intermediate level

Gain confidence living and working in English

Broaden your academis, social and professional horizons

Our approch ?

This program takes an integrative approch to language learning that is collaborative, experiential, student-centered and community-based. In short, you’ll learn by doing, sharing, exchanging and …. living in English.

Sessions start dates for 2019

Winter 2019

Session 1 - February 4, 2019

Spring 2019

Session 2 : May 6th, 2019

Summer 2019

Session 3 : September 7th, 2019


English Conversation - Begenner level

English Conversation 2

English Conversation 3

English Conversation 4

English Conversation 5

English Conversation 6

More to know ....

+ Any student entering the program must write an in-person placement test in order to determine their level in the program. + A certificate of Proficiency is awarder upon the successful completion (60%) of Level 6. + A Certificate of Proficiency with Distinction is awarded to students who obtain a grade of 75% or more upon the completion of Level 6.

Is it for you ?

Someone who wants to improuve his/her level of English ?

A student who want to work towards a Certificate of Proficiency in English ? 

A job seeker trying to enter the job market or to improve their employment opportunities ?

Someone who simply wants to learn more about the English-Canadian culture ?

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