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Time to take a writing course at Quadrilium.

You can choose between the variety of Composition courses, starting from the basic grammar to an advanced writing workshop. These coures aim to give students control over many essential writing skills required for their studies and employment.

Sessions start dates for 2019

Winter 2019

Session 1 - February 4, 2019.

Spring 2019

Session 2 : May 6th, 2019

Summer 2019

Session 3 : September 7th, 2019


Mar 18

ENGL 200

Fundamentals of Written English - Stage 1

This course provides training in grammar and idiomatic usage, through practice with articles and plurals, verb forms and tenses, prepositions and verb-preposition combinations, sentence structure, and puctuation, as well as reading comprehension and vocabulary development through pratice in paraphrasing short texts.

ENGL 220

Fundamentals of Written English - Stage 2

This course continues the work begun in ENGL 200 by providing additional training and practice in grammar and idiomatic usage, sentence structure and punctuation, as well as vocabulary develpment and reading comprehension through practice in paraphrasing and summarizing.

ENGL 230

Introduction to essay writing

This course provides further practice in English composition by focusing on diction, sentence structure, punctuation, paragraph development, and essay writing. 

ENGL 240

English composition - stage 1

This course is intended to help students produce clear, concise, logically organized essays and reports. Emphasis is placed on purpose, organization, and development through analysis and integration of information from a variety of sources.

ENGL 250

English composition - stage 2

This course develops further the writing skills by familiarizing students with the processes and techniques necessary for the preparation of research papers and acadmic reports. Emphasis is placed on summarizing and paraphrasing, critiquing ideas and information, and synthesizing, citing, and documenting multiple sources. 

ENGL 260

Professional composition and writing

This course in intended for students already in control of the essentials of composition who wish to develop their ability to write effectively for professional purposes. Emphasis is placed on writing for specific audiences within a variety of rhetorical situations and on peer revision and editing in a workshop format.



To enroll in a Composition course

You need to take a 45-minute placement test to determine the course level that is best suited to your writing needs. You will have to write a short essay response to an assigned topic. 


Quadrilium ID card

You should have either your Quadrilium ID card or your letter of admission and a photo ID to attend the test session.



You receive your results by email.

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